We are delighted that you are considering Knewton Global Schools Ipoh for your child’s education. Our admissions team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and further arrange for you to visit our campus. Call +605-543 0244 to reach us.

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Before you begin your application, you will need the following:
  • A copy of your child’s passport (for non-Malaysians)
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate and MyKad (for Malaysians)
  • A copy of parent’s passport/MyKad
  • A copy of parent’s work permit/visa (if relevant)
  • A copy of child’s previous school reports for the past year
  • Most current letter from company if the company is providing financial educational support
  • One (1) passport sized photograph of your child

Step 1

On initial contact from the parent/guardian (either online, by telephone or in person), the Admissions Officer will advise the parent/guardian if there is a space available or if there is a waiting list in operation and the number on that year group’s waiting list. The parent/guardian will have the option of then submitting the application form so that their child’s name can be added to the waiting list if there is space on the list.

Step 2

Our Admission team will be happy to show you around on a school tour. Call us at +605-543 0244 book a suitable time.

Step 3

To gain admission into Knewton Global Schools, parents will need to complete the application form and submit this together with the following documents:

Copy of child’s passport (non-Malaysian);

Copy of child’s birth certificate and MyKid (Malaysian);

Copy of parents’ passport/MyKad; Copy of parent’s work permit/visa (if relevant);

Copy of child’s previous school reports for the past year;

Most current letter from company if the company is providing financial educational support;

One (1) passport sized photograph

A mutually convenient assessment date and time will be scheduled.

The application fee will have to be paid latest on the assessment day itself.

Step 4

If the student is academically suitable for a place at Knewton Global Schools, they will be offered a place or added to the waiting list.

A letter of offer and acceptance form will be issued to parents, thereafter.

Step 5

The acceptance form must be returned before the deadline and Registration Fee, deposit and term fees due must be paid before the student joins a class.

Knewton Global Schools do not refund any fees paid for admissions application and testing.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email our admissions team at or call +605-543 0244.



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